I've got something I know you'll love!


Introducing the

Summer Meal Plan Bundle!

    Learn to eat right, not less - and maybe drop a few pounds while you do!

    • Seven Day Meal Plan

      You'll receive 7 days worth of satisfying meals to try! Don't worry, you can handle these with minimal cooking experience. 

    • Servings & Swaps Guide

      See something you don't like? I've got you covered! This guide is chock-full of alternatives to suit even the pickiest of eaters.

    • Carry Out Guide

      ...because I don't expect you to cook every meal at home! This guide provides guidance for over seven types of cuisine, so you can grab and enjoy in your favorite outdoor space without worrying about ruining your diet!

    • Slimming Summer Snacks List

      You'll get 25 ideas for Summer snacks that are perfect for busy days at home or relaxing by the pool! 

    This Seven Day Meal Plan Bundle has everything you need to jump-start new health goals or get back on track with old ones!

    Snag it all for just $27! 

      and because I know you're wondering...

      Will I lose weight on this plan?

      The goal of this plan is not necessarily weight loss, but that doesn't mean it won't happen! It depends on your individual needs. This plan is designed to provide around 1300 calories, but snacks are not included. I encourage you to listen to your body and adjust portion sizes accordingly! If you're looking for more individualized guidance, you may be a good fit for my one on one coaching program! 


      See the sneak peek from the meal plan with more info about the calorie and dietary preferences that are included!

      What type of meals will I get?

      Good ones! I promise. But also I'm bad at surprises and I know you'll be excited by what you get! If you're a lover of seasonal fruits and veggies, juicy burgers, and flavorful tostadas, this is for you!

      What if I'm not able to commit to a meal plan 100%?

      Totally cool. The good news, these recipes will never go out of style, so you can pick and choose when you'll follow this plan based on how much time you have and what your lifestyle is like! Don't worry - nothing on this plan requires hours of prep or cooking.

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