The BOSS Method

You. Choose. Your. Rules.

Thank YOU for making the founding BOSS Method program such a success! To allow for even more women to achieve their goals, I'll be opening up TWO groups in July! 

Most people don’t know it, but the secret to successful weight loss lies in the freedom to create your own rules, not live or die by what diet culture tells you you need to do.​


I know, because I've lived it. ✨


My signature BOSS method process took me from a confused and frustrated fad dieter, to someone who sustainably lost 20lbs and has kept it off for 10 years. Along the way I learned how to navigate (not sacrifice!) wine nights with my girl friends, date nights at steak houses, or vacations to Italy when, each day, “eating” was the only thing on the agenda.

In order to become the BOSS of your weight loss, you need a process that does two things:

 Provides weight-loss guidelines and accountability

 Helps you identify which guidelines *work* for you, and which *don’t*

Would you Love it?

I live by the principles that I teach day in and day out, and I created my signature BOSS Method so I could help women (who love to drink wine and have a good time) achieve body-positive weight loss in the same way. 

  • If you feel like nothing will ever work...

    Every time you give into that afternoon chocolate craving, or eat too many pretzel crisps because you’re bored and stressed out, you’re reminded of your deepest fear: that you’ll never be able to lose the weight for good.

  • If you crave structure, but have never found a framework that fits...

    Every time you try to be good you feel restricted by teeny tiny portion sizes, and hate feeling like you have to skip happy hour.

  • ...probably!

What's Included

  • Private 1-hour nutrition strategy call

    Your onboarding call will set the pace and direction for your *individual* success, and your exit call will ensure you have all the tools to continue to be successful in the future!

  • Seven, group zoom calls

    6 of these will be educational, and the last will be a celebratory happy hour!


    Scheduled for 1 hour each, these calls are designed to guide you through the program, review curated materials, and set goals that the group will hold you accountable to achieving. *replays available

  • Access to our private Facebook community

    ​Here, you'll receive daily encouragement and accountability, interact with members, and have access to weekly live Q&A sessions

  • 6-month access to exclusive materials

    These materials are my secret sauce! They will be housed in one place, for easy access, and will teach you how to:

    • live your best life with confidence in your food choices
    • lose and/or maintain your weight more effortlessly
    • successfully transition from restrictive fad dieting to food freedom

How it Works

There are 4 stages to my signature BOSS method, during which you’ll transform into the weight loss boss that you are! I will teach you how to:


  • Behave like a *boss*! We’ll identify which of your behaviors are sabotaging your progress, and implement new behaviors that will get you to your goal. 


  • Optimize your nutrition. No longer will you be wondering “How many carbs should I eat in a day?” You'll know exactly what balance of foods your body needs.


Next, after I've given you the guidelines, *YOU* will be the boss of creating:


  • Structure that fits *your* lifestyle. And I mean your *whole* lifestyle - long days at work, mom life demands, vacations, date nights, those days when you just want to lie in bed and eat peanut butter out of the jar…


And, most importantly, we’ll work together to make sure your progress is:


  • Sustainable *forever*! Because I never want you to feel like a weight-loss failure again.

I'm losing weight and people at work have started to notice!

I didn't think I could live and have fun and lose weight.

The BOSS Method

What's the Investment?

Option 1: $997.00/One time payment

Option 2: $350.00/Three monthly installments

The July BOSS Method 90-day accelerator program

will begin on July 13th!

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